ABOUT Bromsite®

BromSite® (bromfenac ophthalmic solution) 0.075% is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) eyedrop for the treatment of inflammation and prevention of pain in patients undergoing cataract surgery.

BromSite®, formulated with the DuraSite® delivery system, helps defend against ocular pain and treat inflammation

Inflammation is common after cataract surgery. BromSite® has been shown to significantly reduce inflammation after cataract surgery.

In clinical trials, nearly 80% of patients treated with BromSite® (vs 55% for vehicle) were free of ocular pain on Day 1.

BromSite® is delivered with DuraSite® technology, which improves the absorption of the active ingredient, bromfenac.


How to use BromSite®

  • One drop of BromSite® should be applied to the affected eye twice daily
  • Treatment occurs one day before surgery, the day of surgery, and extends 14 days after surgery
  • Twice daily dosing can help ensure consistent delivery of medication to the affected eye
  • When taking BromSite®, you should:
    • Read the patient Instructions for Use that accompanies the bottle
    • Wash your hands thoroughly before each use
    • Not touch the dropper tip to any surface, as this may contaminate the contents
    • Replace the bottle cap after each use
    • Wait at least 5 minutes after administerting BromSite® before instilling any other eyedrop medicines
Download step-by-step instructions for how to use BromSite®.

Download here

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